InnoMux Family

InnoMux and InnoSwitch3-MX Chipset for High Efficiency Monitor and TV

QR Flyback with Regulated Output Voltage and Dimmable 4 Channel LED Backlight Driver

InnoSwitch3-MX InnoMux

The InnoMux™ chipset for display power supplies consists of an InnoMux controller IC partnered with an InnoSwitch™3-MX isolated switcher IC. Click on the image above for more detail on the two devices.

The chipset’s unique single-stage power architecture reduces losses in display applications by increasing overall efficiency in constant-voltage and constant-current LED backlight driver stages by 50% compared to conventional solutions, achieving up to 91% efficiency. TV and monitor designers can realize over 50% reduction in component count, reducing manufacturing cost and providing an associated improvement in board reliability.


● Completely eliminates backlight boost converter and up to 2 buck converters
● 50% reduction in system power conversion losses
  - Elimination of losses from Buck and LED backlight boost converters
  - Up to 91% efficiency
● InnoSwitch3-MX QR flyback IC
● InnoMux CV and dimmable LED backlight